Warning Signs…When Your Vehicle Talks to You

Warning Signs…When Your Vehicle Talks to You

SensesWe think vehicles today are just short of amazing. With all of the gadgets, lights, warning buzzers and gizmos today’s vehicles can provide, we still encourage the good old basics to detect if something is not right with your vehicle.

Remember the five senses you learned about in kindergarten? Easy to remember and they work pretty well when describing warning signs for your vehicle.

Sounds: Listen for any sounds that are not typical to your vehicle; clicking, whirring, squeaks, grinding, slow rotating.

Smells: Oil, coolant, burnt wire, raw fuel, etc. are all indicators that something is not right.

See: Periodically check for fluid (other than water) on the ground where you park. Also examine your tires for uneven wear to help you know if your car is out of alignment.