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It is important to us to help our customers get through a vehicle “break down” as painless as possible!

Have Bellingham Automotive’s license plate frame installed on your vehicle at your next appointment and qualify for FREE towing. Bellingham Automotive will cover towing costs to our shop up to a $90 value if your vehicle has our license plate cover.

What to do in case of a vehicle break down:

SAFETY: Your safety is most important! Note your surroundings and follow these guidelines: What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

CALL FOR A TOW: Call one of these tow companies and tell them “Bellingham Automotive sent me and please tow to 4116 Hannegan Rd.” We will take care of the rest for you!

Heston Hauling             (360) 312-8697   24 Hour

Johnson’s Towing         (360) 733-4232   24 Hour

ASAP Towing                 (360) 734-6465   24 Hour

FOLLOW UP: We may not always get your contact phone number from the tow company, so please follow up by calling us at (360) 676-5200. We will contact you as soon as possible, (usually within two hours of your vehicle tow in.*) The tow driver will give your keys directly to us or place them in our secure after-hours drop box. There is no need to accompany your vehicle.

*For after-hour tow-in, we will contact you within the first two hours of the following business day.

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