Need to Finance Your Automotive Repairs?

Need to Finance Your Automotive Repairs?

Bellingham Automotive accepts the NAPA EasyPay CarCareONE credit card. This allows customers to finance  auto repairs and preventive maintenance services. Napa EasyPay offers  affordable repayment options that free up your budget and allow you to a maintain and service your vehicle without financial strain or worry.

EasyPay Financing offers many benefits to users:

  • 6 month to 12 month zero interest financing
  • 6-months Promotional Financing on purchases of $199 or more*
  • Extends your Peace of Mind Warranty to 36 Months/36,000 Miles
  • Low Minimum Monthly Payments
  • Simple Credit Application Process
  • Instant Credit Available*
  • Exclusive Cardholder Financing Promotions**
  • Doesn’t Tie Up Other Credit Lines
  • Receive your credit card in 7-10 days
  • Statement received within 30 days
  • Online Account Management

Increase your purchasing power and budget responsibly with small repayment options. Become a cardholder and never put off today what could strand you tomorrow. Apply today for your credit card now.

Learn more today by calling (360) 676-5200  or visit the NAPA EasyPay website.