Keep Your Pets Safe From Your Car’s Engine Coolant

Keep Your Pets Safe From Your Car’s Engine Coolant

keep your pets safeWith these low temperatures, it might be more likely that you would have antifreeze around your home or business. Antifreeze, also known at engine coolant is used in your car’s cooling system and many types can be extremely deadly to our pets.

Engine coolant is sweet-tasting and unfortunately is appealing to animals and consumption of a very small amount can lead to rapid kidney failure and death within a very short period of time.

Below are some tips to help keep your pets safe:

-Keep antifreeze in sealed containers out of reach of pets.

-Dispose used antifreeze containers and rags in a  garbage can pets can’t access or open.

-Routinely check your garage floor and driveway for  antifreeze leaks or spills. Cat litter is one way to absorb antifreeze leaks – dispose of it immediately after use, in a garbage bag that can be  securely sealed.

-After returning home from a walk, wash your pet’s paws  in warm, soapy water in case he was unknowingly exposed to antifreeze while outside.

-Switch to a pet-safe, propylene glycol based  antifreeze. Although not 100% nontoxic, it’s considered less toxic than ethylene glycol based antifreezes.

Bellingham Automotive is committed to our environment and doing our part for a healthy community. We always ensure all our engine coolant is disposed or stored in safe and environmentally friendly conditions. Bellingham Automotive is proud to make hazardous waste and emissions prevention a priority in our operations and management systems.