The Story of Tisovet The Corvette

The Story of Tisovet The Corvette

Sometimes there are cars that have an amazing story behind them!

Bellingham Automotive had the opportunity to help service one of these storied vehicles.

Towner Atkinson, an Automotive Service Technician here, had this amazing 1975 Corvette in the shop under his care. This Corvette has been passed through his step-dad Vince Tisovec’s family for years.


Here is a little history of the car:

Louis Tisovec bought it new in 1975 when Vince, his son, was about 3 1/2 years old. Vince drove it in high school and for special occasions. Vince inherited it 14 years ago, and has restored parts of it and drove it as his work commuter for a while. Now, stored for quite sometime without much use, Vince has decided to keep it in the family and pass it on to his brother Phil that lives in Utah and plans to finish the restoration of the vehicle and have it remain in the family line. Since their last name is Tisovec, their family nick named the car Tisovet.


Phil and his wife Amy left Bellingham and took off for Utah in the “Tisovet” on Tuesday, September 5th and made it in 3 days without any problems due to the wonderful Towner Atkinson. They had quite the adventure along the way!  The Tisovec family wanted to told to pass a HUGE thank you to Bellingham Automotive. We are so grateful to be able to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Do you have a car with a story behind it?

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